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How to take the perfect Pet Photo an Interview with Second Star Photography

July 24, 2018 0 Comments

How to take the perfect Pet Photo an Interview with Second Star Photography

Do you often struggle to take the perfect photo of your pet?
You think you've got it, then they move, or turn their head or sneeze at the last moment?  We all want to capture that amazing photo which embodies our pet's characteristics entirely, but how is it achievable?

Today we have interviewed Second Star Photography. We absolutely adore their work at Hoobynooo! Have you seen our banner with the smiling Pomeranian? That's a Second Star Photography photograph!


When did ‘Second Star Photography’ launch and what made you take an interest in photographing pets?

I started The Second Star Photography in summer 2017. I always loved photography and often took photographs of things surrounding me - nature, family members, my dog. That’s how I started taking an interest in pet photography. Since then I have photographed many breeds of dogs, cats, and even a horse as well as families, portraits and newborns!

Pet photography is so much fun, I love capturing all those different personalities, my
furry models.


How does taking pet photographs compare to taking baby photographs?

I do both, newborn photography and pet photography, and I must admit pet photography is much easier. Pet photo sessions are usually fast paced and it is all about capturing the personality and action, while newborn photography sessions can sometimes take up to 4-5 hours. Newborn shoots take a lot of shushing, adjusting, safety precautions and a lot (and I mean a lot!) of patience. Posing newborns is difficult and it takes a lot of constant studying and practice to perfect a pose. I love both equally, both of these genres are challenging in different ways.


Which pet do you think takes the best photographs? Or is it down to the individual Paw-sonality of the pet?

It always depends on the personality of the pet and also on the surrounding environment. If there are many distractions in the environment, it makes it much harder to get the pet’s focus and the connection which is something I always aim for.

However, from my personal experience I find dogs easiest to photograph, because most dogs are trained to know basic commands such as sit, stay…. And they are also very much food obsessed so they can easily be engaged (or bribed, however, you wa,nt to name it).


How long does an average pet photo shoot take?

As I mentioned above, pet photography sessions are usually fast paced and they are generally done within 1 hour.

What is your top tip to take a great photo of a pet?
Focus on the eyes and use treats to engage with the pet. And most importantly - have fun!


Can people contact you about commissions? What is the geographical area that you work from?

I am based in Bicester, Oxfordshire but can travel to surrounding villages and towns. I mainly photograph pets outdoors and we have many beautiful locations around Bicester that make gorgeous backgrounds for many of my images. You can find information about my pricing and packages on my website.


What is your pricing for a pet photograph package?

I offer two pet photography packages:

“The Waggy Tail” package which is £50 and includes 40min outdoor photography session of your pet, 2x 10”x8” mounted prints of your choice and £10 credit towards products.

My second package is called “Best of Friends Session” is £70 and it includes 1hr outdoor photography session of your pet and your whole family, 3 10”x8” mounted prints of your choice and £15 credit towards products.


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