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How to throw my Pet a Birthday Party: An interview with Pawesome Parties

June 05, 2018 0 Comments

How to throw my Pet a Birthday Party: An interview with Pawesome Parties

Have you ever wanted to throw a party for your furbaby but not sure where to start? Maybe you've asked yourself questions like:
What games do your guests play?
dog friendly birthday cakes are available?
What party food do you serve?

We've interviewed Ashli from Pawesome Parties  and Hoobynoo's newest Cheerleader Ghost to find out how they can help you throw a barking-good time party for your birthday pooch.

  • What made you decide to start your Pet Party organising business, Pawesome Parties?

Pawesome Parties started because I loved planning Ghost’s parties so much! I would plan them months ahead, and analyze every detail on paper, even making digital photo-boards to confirm I had everything he needed for a good time! I realized planning parties for him and a few friend’s dogs quickly became something I wanted more of, not just a few times a year. I love the atmosphere of a party full of dogs having a good time!

  • What has been your favourite party you’ve hosted?

I think my favourite party was for (@vincenzopepito) Enzo, because there were over 60 French Bulldogs running around, and some had flown out from other states! It was held at Google HQ, and his mom always throws a huge birthday party for him, which can be stressful alone, so I swooped in!

  • Do the pet parties have different themes?

Absolutely! For any party booked, any theme may be chosen! We match colours, shop around for different decorative items to display and create an Instagram-worthy event. Some of our favourite themes have been Red “Furrari, a Champagne Party and an upcoming Harry Pawter one I’m planning.

  • What sort of packages do you offer in your Pawty Box?

Our Pawty Boxes are a work in progress, but we’ve had so much interest outside of the San Francisco Bay Area as well! We wanted to put together a box that will bring the feel of parties we offer to your door and will be full of unique items you can’t find at superstores. You can choose from 3-4 themes and will receive enough party supplies to accommodate 8 pups, including the paper goods, decorations and treats!

  • Do you organise parties at venues or are they based at people’s homes?

We allow our clients to choose where they would like their party to be, or we will search dog-friendly venues and parks for them if they wish to hold it outside of their home.

  • Do you work with other pet suppliers when organising a party such as someone who makes dog-friendly cakes or drinks?

We only support vendors who share our same idea of dog’s health and happiness, so after research, we now source our cakes from two local dog bakeries, George and Le Marcel, who use human-grade, high-quality ingredients. We also get a wide range of doggie booze from Pet Winery, who offer water flavoured with meat oil that dogs seem to enjoy. We do hope to make our own dog cakes when we get a brick & mortar one day, and still, offer Pet Winery products for sale and use at parties.

  • Do you supply for parties internationally?

We are going to research the best shipping options for our Pawty Boxes once we figure out the sizes and weight, so we can ensure parties for our friends in other countries!


  • What should a customer consider when organising a party for their pet?

The only thing we ask is to book 2-4 weeks in advance based on party size. We can help a client figure out the rest! We also like potential clients to know we do more than birthdays and adoption celebrations! Puppy showers, weddings, meet-ups and even photo shoots are things we offer.


  • What can a pet parent expect from a Pawesome Party?

You can expect to have a good time! You’re going to see your pups be really playful and beg for treats, which there will be plenty of! We not only make the parties fun for dogs but people too! We offer an add-on that provides paper goods for humans with cups, wooden utensils and paper straws. We have a dessert hookup for humans too!

  • What do you think makes the perfect pet party?

The perfect party is when the dogs and humans are satisfied! I’ve had several clients let me know their dog slept the whole way home and all night long after their party. You can see their excitement in the photos we take too!


Our website:


Instagram: @pawesomeparties

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