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All You Need To Know About Pug-a-Thon 2018

May 17, 2018 0 Comments

All You Need To Know About Pug-a-Thon 2018

This weekend Hoobynoo went to Thanet Pug-A-Thon in Ramsgate. We wanted to attend the festival last year but the time galloped away from us and we missed it. This year, however, we were ready with a bright pink Gazebo and brand new stock to show.


Where was Thanet Pug-a-Thon 2018?

Pug-a-Thon has been running for the past 4 years at King George the VI Park in Ramsgate. It is a free event to attend however donations are welcome as Pug-a-Thon aims to raise money for a local Charity: Guardian Angels Dog Rescue which aims to rehome the homeless as well as helping sick and poorly dogs.


Who could attend the event?

Everyone was welcome to attend Pug-a-Thon! Whether you are a pug owner, a pug-enthusiast or just a dog lover in general, dogs of any breed and size were welcome to attend. This event was created for people to come along, have fun, new potential owners to ask questions about pugs and raise some money for a local charity. 


What was there to do?

This year Hoobynoo was excited to be a stall holder at Thanet Pug-a-Thon. We stood out from the crowd with our bright pink gazebo selling Hoobynoo Products such as our Pet Tags, Pug Butt Mugs, Pug Bags (Exclusive for Pug-a-Thon), some end-of-the-line Hoobynoo Jewellery, as well as handmade Harris Tweed bows and collars designed by R 'n' D Paws.

Among us there were other local sellers such as an organic raw pet food seller and a speciality dog treat company. There were also activities for children such as a craft stall where the little ones could create beautiful pug pictures from sand art templates. Thanet Rock Hunters also had a table where anyone could come along and paint a rock and take it home to hide for a donation towards the Guardian Angels Dog Rescue.

But the most important thing to do during this festival was for hundreds of dogs to come along, make new friends, meet up with old ones from the previous events and have some fun! Of course, there were activities for dogs as well including ball pits, an activity course, a range of 'hole in the wall' pictures and a fancy dress competition.


Who won Best Pug of 2018? 

The winner for the fancy dress 2018 was the 'Frog Prince' Jimmy The Pug who not only stole the crowd's hearts with his wonderful costume but also performed tricks on the red carpet as well! He will be the face of Pug-a-Thon 2019 next year as well as winning himself a photoshoot and a lovely supply of Pug Food!


Who runs Thanet Pug-a-Thon?

The event was organised by Lucy Cook and raised over £500 for Guardian Angels Dog Rescue as well as broadening the charity's awareness. She was most pleased with the support the community gave and hopes that more will attend Pug-a-Thon 2019 as it will be the event's 5th birthday and there will be party hats and cake to celebrate!


“I do this all to fundraise for the rescue for fun and would love more volunteers to help out and more donations to make it worthwhile.”

Check out this snapshot moment we captured at Pug-a-Thon for the Ramsgate Pug Walkers who wore M&M backpacks on their walk down to the event!



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