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What Alternatives to a Pet Tag or ID are there?

April 24, 2018 0 Comments

What Alternatives to a Pet Tag or ID are there?

At Hoobynoo, we have designed a new product to keep your dog safe and secure

The Personalised and Unique Galaxy Dog Name Collar.

Personalised Unique Galaxy Dog Name Collar

But you might be wondering why we've designed this collar when our Hoobynoo Pet Tags are so popular? 

Well, we understand that not all dogs are happy to wear ID tags when out and about during a walk as some dogs dislike having tags hanging from their collar and find them an irritation, this is a problem because, legally under the Control of Dogs Order any dog in a public area must wear a collar with a form of Identification attached.
This ID should be informative, of information required such as the name and address of the owner. Failure to comply to these standards will result in a fine!

This is why we've designed this snazzy new pastel galaxy collar, so now you can go out with your dog and still have all your contact details without having a dangling tag annoying your dog.
Your contact information is printed across the collar so that it is constantly visible whilst your dog is wearing it.
We suggest that the collar has a number, surname, contact number, and postcode to comply with the Control of Dogs Order as stated above. You can read more about the legal requirements HERE

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