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What you need to know before buying a horse

February 09, 2018 0 Comments

What you need to know before buying a horse

Buying your first horse is extremely exciting and can often be the result of a lifelong dream. When at last all the hard work has finally paid off and you've saved the money you need to make it all come true, there are still a number of things to consider. A new horse owner needs to have many things in place, ready and waiting for when the horse arrives.

The essentials include:

  • Feed buckets
  • Hay nets
  • A basic grooming kit (including a hoof pick, body brush, curry comb and dandy brush)
  • A head collar
  • A lead rein
  • A couple of rugs (varies to where you live and the sort of horse you purchase)
  • A first aid kit - for you and your horse.

There are also additional considerations: items to have around the yard in addition to accessories for the horse. For example, storage is a very important aspect: at most yards there are mice and the last thing you want are these little visitors eating your horse’s feed (or even some of your equipment). A cheap idea for food storage often involves the use of garden bins and can even be the ones from your old garden at home, as long as they are washed out thoroughly and still contain a servicable lid. You will also need a wheel barrow to help you carry out the daily chores in a way that doesn't damage your back.

Once all of the above essentials are in place, the really fun things can be purchased. It is nice to be able to make your stable feel more personal in a way that reflects both your own character and that of your horse. For this reason, we have our dedicated Hoobynoo stable signs, each one a beautifully decorated plate featuring one of our many illustrated horse drawings individually personalised to look like your own pony.

Horse Stable plaque

There are also a large selection of saddle pads (also known as 'numnahs') to buy. These come in a wide variety of varying colours and designs which can then be matched with fly veils, bandages and boots (all in an effort to help make your horse stand out from the crowd, an especially important distinction if you're at a show).

Safety is a very important consideration for us at Hoobynoo. Our range of products for horses is rapidly growing and we have recently added two different types of Bridle tags. Sadly, no-one can stop accidents from happening, so we have designed these bridle tags to contain personal details (should you and your horse - for whatever reason - happen to accidentally part company).

Equestrian ID Tag

This should help your horse to return home safely. The bridle tags vary: one attaches to a catch either on the bridle or the D ring on the saddle (fastened by a loose ring). This tag is larger, allowing for extra details such as an address to return the horse to. The second tag attaches to the bridle or head collar by individual rivets driven directly into the leather. This has its benefits, particularly that it doesn’t move around, making it better for sensitive horses. This second tag is also big enough for a printed name and a number. As well as being extremely practical our tags also look stunningly beautiful. There are a large selection of colours to choose from so the tag can match the colours of a dedicated saddle pad.

Horse Bridle Tag

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