Bolognese Dog Personalised Dog Tag Polka

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The Bolognese is such a cute little dog they need a cute pet tag to match.
Our lightweight aluminium pet tags are just 1mm thick and so comfortable for your dog to wear, we print our unique Bolognese illustration onto the front of the tag using a permanant process which makes the tag waterproof and durable. 

You can choose to add your dog's name or if you prefer not too just specify 'leave blank.' On the back, we do not impose a character restriction, you can have your phone number, address or any other personalisation you prefer. We adjust the size of the text to fit, but would suggest a phone number, first line of the address and postcode is the best fit.

Our decorative bauble shaped pet tags come in three sizes, a small tag at 25mm in diameter, a medium tag at 32mm in diameter and large tag at 38mm in diameter.

We recommend the small size for the Bolognese.


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