Personalised Unique Galaxy Dog Name Collar

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These Collars are our latest idea to help keep your dog safe. We know not all dogs agree with something dangling around their neck, so this way you still have all your contact details without annoying your dog.

Style and colour are very important for us here, so this new collar comes in a pastel galaxy colour, imagine how fantastic your dog will look wearing this collar.

We print the text in the middle of the collar so that it is always visible even on different sizes. We suggest that the collar has a number, surname, contact number, and postcode.

You can also just use I am chipped but then legally the dog would still need to have your contact details to comply with UK law.

The collars come in two sizes a small and a large. The collars are adjustable.

The Large measures 18mm high and 30cms long at the shortest length and fully extended it is 60cms. The printable panel is 30cms, the rest of the collar is black.

The Small measures 20mm high and 23cms long at the shortest length and 45cms long fully extended. The printable area is 19.5cms long.

Please note that this collar is not suitable for pets that twist or pull excessively as this can put stress on the buckle connection.

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