Tibetan Terrier Personalised Dog Tags (short hair)

$13.00 USD

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Whether your Tibetan Terrier is short haired or long haired, we have a Dog tag for you. With such long hair it's important that their pet tag is visible should they become separated from you.

Our bright, colourful tags will definitely stand out amongst all that beautiful fur. 
Our Dog tags are printed with your contact details on the reverse using a specialist technique that permanently prints the design directly onto the aluminium tag. 
Our tags are only 1mm thick, which makes them a lot lighter than traditional pet tags and much more comfortable for your dog to wear. 

They are also waterproof and will not fade.

Available in small 25mm, Medium 32mm and Large 38mm.
For this breed, we would recommend the Medium.
If you can't see your dogs colouring, please do get in touch we may be able to add it for you.

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