5 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

April 30, 2018

5 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

Thank you to Jenny or MyPetNeedsThat.com for this informative blog post sharing her top 5 dog walking tips.

Walking your dog is an important part of your pet's health and your relationship with it. There are a lot of reasons why you should walk them every day especially since walking them does not only give them proper exercise, but it also allows them to know more about their surroundings. Dog-walking can be a good mental exercise for your furry friends.

When it comes to your relationship with your dog, walking them for 30 minutes to an hour every day can help establish trust and leadership. As you walk your dog and take the lead, you establish who the leader among you two is and this adds to your dog's training. Once they learn to listen to you, it would be much easier for other walks and for training them in your home.

Dog walks provide a great bonding experience. To make sure that dog-walking becomes an activity you and your dog will look forward to, here are a few tips.

  • 1.Have the right leash

The first thing you should have whenever you walk a dog is the leash. There are many kinds of leash, the traditional, retractable, and many more. You can even have a dog strollerwith you. For walking your dog, it's highly recommended that you pick a traditional leash over a retractable one because the latter is more dangerous than the former.

Retractable leashes are known for causing danger to the owner whenever the dog strolls farther away and a sudden jerk is experienced. It can also be hard for you to control your dog in the first place because the leash is long. Instead, what you should have is a traditional leash that is short so that it is easier to manage your dog. Short leashes are also easier for you so that it doesn't get easily caught up in your arms or legs.

  • 2.Put identification on your dog

No, a collar isn't enough to show that your dog is owned. Back then, it used to be enough so that your dog doesn't end up in a dog pound. However, today, you should also put your own details on your dog's collar or bells so that when someone gets a hold of them, they would know who to return the pooch to.

So when you prepare an identification pin for your dog, make sure that it has your details - your name and your contact number. It would help if they are found on the collar since there's nowhere else to put it that won't easily be removed.

personalised dog ID tag

  • 3.Establish who's the leader among the pack

Whether you're walking one dog or five, it's important to establish who's the leader among the pack. Of course, that leader should be you. In order to do that, here are a few suggestions:

  • Always walk in front or beside your dog. This shows them that you will be taking the lead and that they aren't free to pull you wherever they want to go. This sets the direction for them, too.
  • Be the first one to get out of the house and the first one to go back inside.
  • Gauge when you'll allow your dog to sniff around. Only allow a few minutes for sniffing rather than letting them sniff the whole time you're walking them.
  • Continue taking the lead when you're inside your home.

When you establish who's the lead, your dog will be more disciplined when going around. It will save you all the embarrassing moments of running after it or when it pulls hard on the leash until your wrists turn red.

  • 4.Allow your dog to sniff around

Like what was said earlier, your dog sniffing allows it to be familiarized with the surroundings. It also help the pooch learn more about the scents of places and things making it more informed. You'd be surprised that sniffing is actually a mental activity for dogs and allowing them to sniff every once in a while can tire them more than simply running in a park with them.

To do this properly so you don't stop every minute; allow five minutes of sniffing time every once in a while. When doing this, loosen your hold on the leash and let your dog explore. Stay close to it while it’s sniffing so that it won't run off. Make sure that the sniffing time will not take longer than the time you walk your dog.

  • 5.Keep your dog hydrated

Of course, your dog sweats and gets thirsty. Because of this you should always be prepared and bring a water bottle with you so that you can keep your dog hydrated during long walks. You'll know when they're thirsty when they start panting and when they slow down during the walk. To save on the waste you make, bring your own water bottle filled with cool water.

Walking your dog is an integral part of your relationship and their health. Although it can be a hassle for a pet parent at times, it's important for you to start making this a habit so that you can make sure your dog is healthy and you are too.

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