How can I include my Dog at our Wedding - an interview with Furry Tail Weddings UK

September 02, 2019

How can I include my Dog at our Wedding - an interview with Furry Tail Weddings UK

Would you bring your dog to your wedding? This is a question that all pet owners face when it comes to their big day. Although many of us would answer 'of course they're family!' it's only when you get down to the finer details that there becomes a bit of an issue - who will look after them whilst the all-important ceremony is taking place? 
Well if this is something you are at all worried about then Furry Tail Weddings UK has got you covered!

What made you decide to set up Furry Tail Weddings?

    We have owned The Howliday Inn for around 3 years now and have grown to 7-daycare and boarding branches as well as having walkers and house sitter based across Thanet and a branch in Sandwich and Canterbury as well. A friend invited us along to advertise our boarding at a wedding fair for while people were on honeymoon or for care while they got married and a large number of people asked if we would be able to bring their pets to their wedding. We decided to launch as a new company for a clear brand identity.


    What pets do you run this service for - is it just for dogs?

      The most popular pet people have at their wedding is definitely dogs but we are willing to accommodate any pet as long as the welfare of the pet is well-considered and isn't going to affect them. Kat has a long of experience with horses and Kerry has experience with reptiles so this is something we can look at for owners.

      Do you meet up with my pet beforehand so they can get to know you?

        Yes, we meet the pet first. We offer a free consultation, so your pet can spend some time getting to know us to make sure they will be happy at the event. It also means the owners have a chance to ask us any questions and we can discuss our packages or owners can put together their own package.


        What sort of packages do you provide, if I had something in mind I wanted that wasn’t on a package could that be discussed?

          We offer a wide range of package that starts from little as £50 for people who just want their pets their for photos right to up a full day package including training, grooming and boarding. Customers can also tailor-make their own package and we will always look to implement the owners own ideas and where possible we will endeavour to include this in their special day. Of course, the welfare of the pet is our top priority so if we feel this wouldn't be suitable we will come up with another plan.

          If I wanted to do an ‘all day’ package would I need to provide food for my pet?

          We would ask you to supply the food for your pet purely as we wouldn't want to change their food and risk upsetting their tummy. We can collect the food along with the pet so owners don't need to worry about taking it with them themselves. We provide treats with the owner's consent. Furry tail Weddings have extensive forms to make sure we understand all your pets needs which include special dietary requirements and what they eat normally.


          Can my pet be included in my wedding photos?

          Of course, we will work alongside the photographer to help them get some great photos. We have a number of handy tricks to get the dogs attention and focus and tend to stand behind the photographer to the dog is looking at the camera. We have some examples of our website and social media you can look at.

          How many dogs can you look after at once?

            We have a team of experienced and insured staff we can call upon if we have a number of pets you would like to include so no real limit providing the dogs are happy to be around each other.


            Do you have a grooming service to make them look smart before the wedding?

              We do have a qualified groomer so your dog can look smart and smell fresh


              Do you provide any props, accessories or outfits for the dog or can I provide them?

                We can provide a range of items from flower leads, bow ties etc and of course people can supply their own. We, of course, wouldn't want to stress an animal out though so if the pet isn't happy with any of the items it's not worth causing them stress. We can offer some training sessions with our qualified trainer to get them used to new items and even do some training so they can complete any special tasks like being a ring bearer.


                Where are you based and how far do you travel for a wedding?

                  We are based in Thanet, Kent but cover, Kent, Essex and London as standard. Other areas are considered on request. We are happy to travel further if we have the availability.

                  If you are interested in planning your own Furrytail Wedding experience for your big day why not check out their social links below and start a conversation!



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