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How I Got My Products Into Libertys London!

June 04, 2016

Originally published on 09. 04. 2013

Libertys London is one of the oldest and most prestigious department stores in London, with it’s impressive interior it exudes quality and style. They are well known for supporting British Designers, and many will wonder “How do I get myself stocked in Libertys?” With a lot of Department stores getting through the door and to a buyer can be very difficult, but Libertys have chosen to open their doors to Designers and give them the opportunity to pitch to their buyers once a year.
So this is how I got my Children’s jewellery stocked in one of the most famous department stores in London.

Way back in dreary January 2013, I got up at 5.30am to catch the 6am train to London. I arrived just after 8am and made my way to Liberty’s of London, it had been raining but luckily it wasn’t anymore as I anticipated a long wait outside.
I had applied back in the summer for Libertys open call for designers, which give you the opportunity to pitch your product to their buyers with the hope of being stocked in Libertys!

So my husband had the children for the day and off to London I went with my wholesale pack and a selection of my bestsellers. The other designers in the queue were very friendly, either side of me I had a lady that made ceramic jewellery and brooches and another pair that made wool clothing from their own sheep!


The queue by 9am was already snaking round three sides of the building but once they opened the doors we moved pretty swiftly round and were inside slowly making our way up the wooden staircase.

They were calling forward people who had products for some of the least in demand departments, so after a few times of them requesting childrenswear I finally spoke up and said I had children’s jewellery, if that counted.

Apparently it did and I was shown up to the top of the stairs, I gave my name and company and then had to wait for a few minutes in a seated area. I was quickly shown through to the room were at least 5 or 6 pairs of buyers were seated at huge tables.
I was trying not to be nervous and just going over my facts and figures, I was then shown to a table where the two childrenswear buyers Jenny and Ben were.

Jenny & Ben

Jenny & Ben (photo courtesy of Liberty’s on Twitter)

I introduced myself and told them my company name, straight away Jenny said she loved the company name. I had just 3 minutes to sell my brand so handed them each a wholesale pack I had prepared which gave background information on the company, prices and images of all the products.
I had brought with me Florence the Flamingo, Sally the Strawberry, Clarissa the Cupcake, Yasmin the Unicorn, Mya the Mermaid, Freddie the Fox and Rihanna the Rainbow which I was wearing.
Jenny said she loved the Flamingo and that she thought the range would be perfect for their childrenswear department and was telling me about some bracelets they currently stock.
Florence Flamingo Necklace-white
She asked about pricing and I told them that two of the stars of MTV’s The Valleys had requested the jewellery to wear on the second series (more about that later) so it had appeal to adults to.
Ben said he thought the product was very well executed, all in all it couldn’t have gone better, they asked to keep the wholesale packs and said they’d been in touch. I was so excited it was all I could do to contain myself as I walked back down the stairs.
I went straight outside and phoned my husband who was just dumbstruck, I was so in shock I could hardly take it in.

I then had an agonising 6 week wait before I finally heard from Jenny who placed an order for 12 different characters for hundreds of necklaces! I was so ecstatic it was like winning the lottery, I can hardly believe that my jewellery is going to be sold in one of the most prestigious department stores in London.

Three weeks later and the order was finally complete, I sent it on its way and waited nervously until it arrived.

Liberty’s have confirmed my necklaces are now on sale in the Children’s Department and can currently be found next to the till.
I will be planning a trip up to see my items on display very soon. If you’re in London and happen to be in Liberty’s Childrenswear dept and see my range, I’d love you to tweet me a picture at @hoobynooworld

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