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It's Time to Open Your Umbrella Indoors!

March 13, 2018 0 Comments

It's Time to Open Your Umbrella Indoors!

It's the 13th of March which means today's the day you open your umbrella indoors!

But before you cry it's bad luck I shan't it is worth hearing where the superstition that has been past down from generation to generation has originated from. So today I've been researching and discovered that since umbrellas have been around for over 3,000 years, so has the reason for why opening one indoors is sure to bring a rainfall of bad luck, the only difference is what was believed during that time period. 

My favourite stories I have unearthed today link to: 

  • Ancient Egypt, when nobility used umbrellas to protect the shaded from the heat of the sun. The umbrellas were designed with luxurious materials such as peacock feathers to mimic the Goddess who formed the Sky supposedly making the umbrella's shade sacred to walk on. To open one of these umbrellas indoors would anger the God and Goddess as you had disrespected them and they would curse the household of those living under the roof in which the umbrella was opened in. 
  • 18th Century London, when umbrellas had a clumsy spring mechanism, which made them a hazard to open. If opened suddenly in a small room, it could seriously injure people or shatter objects. Which might after all that, start a minor quarrel, thus bringing bad vibes into a family household or among friends. 

So as you can see the superstition behind umbrellas has links back to spiritual and practical opinions. But that is what today is all about, breaking the taboo and having some fun. Whether you open your umbrella completely - which we advise doing this in an open space away from valuables! - or you crack it open an inch to prove a point...

...Do it with a smile on your face!

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