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Originally published on 02. 07. 2013

Having joined just under a year ago I missed out on last years annual conference for partners. So I was thrilled to be going along to this years conference, I’d booked my spot arranged for my hubby to take care of the children and then waited patiently.

The conference was being held on a Wednesday in London’s Royal Opera House, there were loads of fascinating talks laid on and we were given the plan of events in advance so we could plan our day effectively.

I caught the train at a brisk 6.40am and set off to London, I arrived at Charring Cross and made my way towards the Opera House, on the way there I was thrilled to discover The Primrose Bakery was nearby.

The delicious Primrose bakery.

The delicious Primrose bakery.

I had arranged to meet some of the other NOTHS partners at the coffee shop round the corner including a couple of people I had been talking to over the past year who had joined around the same time as myself.

When I got to the coffee shop there was already a large table of people nattering away so I took a deep breath and started chatting to people. The first person I met was the lovely Becka Griffin who is an Illustrator from Liverpool, she sells a fantastic range of cards and prints on NOTHS.

I then spotted Laura Clempson of Cupcakes for Clara and Claire from a Few Home Truths who were two of the people I had arranged to meet.
After a bit of a natter we made our way down to the Opera House to register and collect our goody bags (yes, goody bag!)

Goody Bag

Goody Bag

Now I may have been a little over excited but I’ve never been to a conference before, much less been given a goody bag.
It was also very handy for putting my notebook and other bits I had brought up with me on the train.

There was some NOTHS literature about preparing for Christmas (yes, in May!) and about the events that were planned for the day.
But the other cool things were a cute notebook, pen and my very own name badge. (Yes, I have kept it, it’s in my jewellery box by my bed…ahem)

So after some chatting with other NOTHS partners it was time for Holly and Sophie’s speech (the founders of NOTHS) It was a half hour speech designed to gear us up for Christmas with lots of scary figures about how crazy busy it’s going to be.
It certainly had the desired effect on me and got me thinking about the huge difference it could make to my business if I can come up with a great product idea for Christmas.
So if you’ve been following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, now you know why I’ve been talking about Christmas in the middle of summer!
Holly Tucker & Sophie Cornish

A very blurry picture of Sophie and Holly.. At the end of the talk they asked for anyone questions, no one wanted to be first so me being me, stuck my hand up to ask how many partners there are currently on NOTHS. Afterwards I attended a number of very interesting talks about accounting, how to promote your storefront and how others had succeeded. There was also a Christmas planning section and a yummy packed lunch. One of the big moments of the day were the NOTHS Make Awards, where partners have been nominated for a variety of different awards. I knew a few of the nominee’s so was interested to see who would win.

NOTHS Make Awards 2013

NOTHS Make Awards 2013

And sure enough, as I suspected my friend Laura Clempson won the Storefront Success Award, and everyone cheered, she is such a lovely lady, it was a very well deserved win. You can read all about how she felt about it on her own blog.
At the end of the say I was buzzing with ideas and feeling very inspired if a little exhausted.
As I wanted to be home in time to put my 4 year old to bed I made a mad dash across London to pop into Liberty’s and see how the necklaces were doing there, and also just to bask a little as I had not yet seen them on sale in the store.
I was thrilled to see they were still on the counter next to the till.

On Sale at Liberty's London

Hoobynoo World Jewellery on sale in Liberty’s London

I had a quick chat with the sales staff and they said the jewellery is selling really well

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