Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Cats

November 30, 2018

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Cats

Searching for the purrrfect Christmas Present for your Cat is difficult, sometimes you think you've found that amazing gift and then it turns out the Cat's only interested in the box it came in. Nevertheless, it's Christmas and no one in the family should be left out. So we have compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas Gifts for Cats including Toys, Accessories and Home comforts to help you with your Christmas Shopping this year...



1) Catnip Infused Toys

catnip sushi toys, christmas gifts for catsFreak MEOWt

Freak Meowt have a delightful range of catnip infused toys on NOTHS. Their comical shapes will make you chuckle, especially when you see your feline friend playing with a roll of sushi - and yes they even have a Christmas Dinner inspired toy gift set too!


 2). Scratching Post

cat dj, scratch disk, cat scratching toy, christmas gifts for cats

 all things Brighton beautiful

Does your cat wind you up when they decide to take their claws to the sofa,  the curtains or heaven forbid the speakers??? Well, maybe they just want something interesting to sink their claws into! Check out the pet accessories made by All Things Brighton Beautiful, they will certainly make you smile with their witty designs. Now you cat can scratch disks instead of the family furniture!


Home Comforts:


3). Basket Bed

cat asleep in basket, christmas gift ideas for cats


How cute will your cat look cuddled up in this dome of a cat basket? They truly will feel enveloped as the walls of the basket sink inwards creating a wonderful enclosed feeling that cats love. 

 4). Climbing Jungle

Indoor Cat Climbing Tree, cat home, christmas gifts for cats
If you've got the space then why not! This jungle of a cat tree will give your furbaby hours of entertainment in the winter months. Choose from one of three designs, each with their own playful quirks to keep cats happy and entertained throughout the day.
5) Nutritious Grass
catnip garden, cat toys, christmas gifts for cats
Now, this gift is Essential for an indoor cat. Catit Senses Grass Garden helps to bring the nutritiousness of outdoors, indoors. I'm sure you've seen cats outside nibbling away at long grass strands every once in a while. This is because it is a great source of fibre for cats and they use it to aid their digestion and prevent furballs building up. With Catit Sense Garden, your cat can be in the comfort of their own home and still reap the natural benefits. 


6). New Collar and Bowtie
Does your cat like to wear collars? Think they might like something with a bit more pizazz to it? As of 2018 Hoobynoo have been stocking Exclusive Rainbow themed Harris Tweed Collars by R'n'D Paws. We have three styles to choose from: Rainbow Bright (As Show), Rainbow Black and Rainbow Purple. And don't forget the matching Bowtie for such a special occasion! The bow can be attached to any collar via the loop located on the inside!

7). Kitty-cat Socks
cat socks, tiny socks for cats to keep warm, christmas gifts for cats
With this cold winter weather, have you ever thought about how your furbaby's paws are feeling? Remember that with the additional salt being thrown onto the ground to prevent snow, this can dry out and seriously effect your cats' toes and paw pads.Homyl designed these cat socks to act similar to human slipper socks, cosy and snug with rubber padding to help with gripping and add some friction so cats can still be cats when they wear them!

8). Comical Cat Tag

Well, who doesn't love a tongue in cheek present at Christmas? If you have a Pawsome duo of Cat and Dog variety then this comical pet tag is a must for you and your furbabies (Pssst there's also a 'the cat did it!)



9. Delicious Treats

cat treats, cat man doo, flakey treats, christmas gifts for cats
At Christmas, we all want to nibble on something delicious and special don't we! Why not spoil your furbaby with some tasty fish flakes from Cat-Man-Doo. They have a variety of flavours you kittycat can't wait to get their paws on.
cat treats dispenser
Here's a treat that'll give your cat a workout! Hand this treats tube up high and watch your furbaby figure out a way to unlock the deliciousness inside. It'll certainly keep them entertained over the cold months when they don't really want to leave the house.

10). Personalised Cat Bowl
personalised marble cat bowl
What are you feeding your furry loved one this Christmas? Will they be sinking their teeth into some of the Christmas Dinner with you? Cause you know what they'd appreciate a Hoobynoo Cat Bowl that's Personalised with their name and face on! 

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