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Bearded Dragon Harness ID Tag

£10.95 GBP

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Reptiles might be a less traditional pet, but that doesn't mean they don't like to have a stroll in the sunshine.
In case you are worried about your Bearded Dragon slipping his tiny lead, why not add our smallest pet tag to their harness just in case.
Personalise the front of our Bearded Dragon ID tag with their name (or leave blank if you prefer) and include your contact details on the reverse, we advise, surname, House number, postcode or zipcode and a contact number
That way you can be reunited with your beloved pet as soon as possible.
Our tags are available in a variety of background colours, so you can choose your favourite. The Small ID tags measure approx 25mm and are only 1mm thick, making them extremely lightweight. They are made from aluminium and printed permanently with our bearded dragon illustration, this makes them durable and waterproof.