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Personalised Cute Cat Pet Identity Name Tag

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Cats are such independant creatures, our stylish but lightweight Cat ID tags will ensure your cat can be returned to you if it's lost.

We have multiple different cute cat illustrations available. Which all start as a hand drawn sketch which are then brought to life digitally. Before being carefully made into your tag. If you can't see a cat breed or colouring which matches your cat please message us as we may be able to add it.

The tag is available in two sizes 19mm and 25mm, which are lightweight, so not to annoy your cat.

We can print a number of different background colours or just leave the tag white.

The front features one of our Hoobynoo cats to match your cat and your cat's name and the back can have your phone number, address or any other personalisation you prefer.

Made from aluminium they are lightweight to fit onto pet collars but robust enough to withstand day to day wear and tear.

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