Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for my Dog

November 11, 2018

Top 10 Chrismtas Gifts for Dogs

Searching for the perfect Christmas present for your Dog can be tricky, they already have millions of toys and treats so what dog christmas presents are available to make your dog feel special this Christmas. (well they won't know any different but we know you want to spoil them :)
We have compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs including Toys, Accessories and Home comforts.

1. A thoughtful treat toy: 
Starmark creates engaging, fun toys which your dog will not only find mentally stimulating but also delicious: a tasty treat is hidden inside for them to find!
2.  A Wobble Wag Giggle Ball:  
This fun toy will certainly keep your dog entertained and happy all day. Requiring no batteries, this toy will giggle whenever moved to keep your furbaby intrigued and in a playful, inquisitive mood. 

3. A Chew Toy:
Mammoth have a wide range of dog toys which are loved by dogs of many shapes and sizes: with hilarious reviews from both humans and 'dogs' these toys certainly have a big 'paws up' in durable chewability!

4. A cuddly: 
Not only are Beco toys hard wearing and fun for our furbabies, they are also super eco-friendly. Beco pride themselves on their Ethics and have long been considered one of the world's most ethical companies. All their products have been made with sustaining and helping the planet in mind. For example, one squeaker toy is made from roughly 15 recycled plastic bottles.

5. A Fancy new Dog collar and Bow tie:
R 'n' D Paws
Is your Furbaby a keen dresser for special occasions? Then they definitely need some colourful accessories in their life. R'n'D Paws specialises in high quality hand made Tweed collars and bowties in gorgeous colours and designs. If your pup loves to look fabulous then an R'n'D accessory is what they need!
We have a range of exclusive designs on our site too, find them HERE

6.  A Christmas Pet Tag:
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Dachshund through the Snow!
As you know at Hoobynoo we adore fun pet tags and have been working hard to come up with a range of new Christmas themed tags this year that are pawsonalised for all our dog breeds!

7.  Snow Boots:
We've all seen how bad the weather can get and when it's snowing our dogs still need to get out the house and enjoy themselves rather than going a bit stirrcrazy. But if the ground is too cold it can really hurt their paws, so it might be worth considering getting them some snow booties! Of course your pooch will need to check them out before you go outside into the cold world as it will be a strange and new sesation for them but they will certainly appreciate it when snow starts to fall. 

8. A Personalised Pet Christmas Sack:
Does your pooch come in christmas morning and sniff around the Christmas Tree to suss out what might have been left by santa paws for them? Why not make the game easier and hide it all in one place for them in their own pawsonalised christmas sack!
9. An Advent Calendar: 
Who doesn't love a little treat in the morning to help them count down the days until Santapaws arrives. Goodboy have created a delicious and also 'people friendly' christmas calendar which is cheaper than most human advent calendars!

10.  A Comfy Memory Foam Bed:
Pet Fusion

How well does your dog sleep at night? Do they like to cuddle up with you or have they got their own bed to sleep on? Pet Fusion are one of vet's favourites for memory foam beds for dogs who have trouble sleeping. 



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