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Can my Dog Eat Treats from the Bakery? - Celebrating National Dog Biscuit Day

We all love a delicious treat every now and then. There's nothing quite like a fresh baked cake or biscuit from the local bakery and dogs who try out the tasty treats from Rudi's Doggy Bakery will tell you just the same!
For National Dog Biscuit Day, Hoobynoo reached out to several Bakeries that specialises in Treats for Dogs to find out why their Yummy Dog Biscuits are paws above the rest! We spoke to Rudi's Dog Bakery and Fussy Pups Natural Dog Treats.

Rudi's Dog Bakery

First up, a delicious interview with UK seller Abbie and her personal taste tester Rudi from Rudi's Doggy Baker.

    When did you first start your business?

       🐾 We first started our business in May 2014.

      (Personalised Giant Bone £2)
      What is the health risk that feeding my pet human cake and bakery based treats could cause?
       🐾  I’m a baker by trade and when we got our rescue Staffie I started playing around with making recipes dog-friendly for Rudi. Normal cakes and bakery products are unsafe for dogs due to sugars and fats that aren’t suitable for dogs diets. Many ingredients often used are toxic to dogs ie chocolate, icing and raisins etc.
      (Rudi's Delicious DogNuts - pack of 4 £6.99 or £2.00 each!)
      What makes Rudi’s bakery treats safe for dogs to consume?  
      🐾 All of our recipes have been especially adapted ommitting any unnecessary ingredients and replacing them with dog-friendly ingredience where possible

      (Rudi's personalised Dog Cake £14.99)
        What’s your (or rather your taste tester’s) favourite treat and why?
          🐾 Rudi (our Staffie) is our taste tester and he definitley has two favourites and they are the Sweet Potatoe Chews and the Carrot&Apple Twizzlers
            How long does it take you to make an order?
              🐾 Our average lead time to make an order is a few days (a week including postage time) but we do oftn get fully booked for our birthday cakes, so they are best ordered in advance to get your slot reserved!
              How long is the average shelf life? (if the treats even last that long in the house!)
              🐾 Our products shelf life's vary. We don't add any preservattives or additives to any of our treats, we only use a natural dehydration process to preserve their shelf life. 
              Approximate Shelf Lives:

              Dry Biscuits, Treats and Chews 12 weeks
              Decorated Cookies 8 weeks
              Pupcakes and Dognuts  weeks
              Our Freshly made Birthday Cakes only have 7 days however as they contain fresh ingrediants like carrot, cream cheese and yoghurt.

                (Pug Love Biscuits £1.50)
                  We see you have a product that is subscription based, what sort of tasty treats can be delivered under this option? Is there an option as to how long the subscription runs for?
                  🐾 We offer monthly subsctipyion 'Yum Yum Packs'. These are a selection of our everyday treats send out every month or bi-montly to all our subscribers. They contain seasonal products when appropriate and always contain a good mixture and are a great value in terms of subription boxes.

                  🐾  These can be ordered monthly (or 6 Month subscription sign up where the subscriper will recive a box upgrate every moth!) These are availbale for £15-£25 per month. With new Yum YUm Box options to be introduced to our bakery soon! 

                  🐾 Keep your eyes peeled and your nose out for them!

                    (Dog Breed Biscuits £2.50)
                      Say I wanted to throw my dog a birthday party, how soon should I contact you if I wanted to order a paw-personalised birthday pack?
                      🐾 Personalised cakes can be done at short notice if I have the availablity, but to be sure not to lose out, it's best to order in advance to book your slot, as we are often fully booked - especially over busy holiday periods.
                        (Rudi's Birthday Bundles range from £16.99 - £29.99)
                          What areas do you ship to?

                          🐾 We currently only ship to the UK (This includes the Channel Islands)

                            Fancy getting your Paws on some Tasty Treats from Rudi's Bakery?
                            Check out their website at:
                   You can also see what they are up to via their
                            Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages - just click to view!

                            Fussy Pups Natural Dog Treats

                            national dog biscuit day

                            **AD - Fussy Pups were kind enough to gift us a box of their delicious Winter Collection Biscuits, you can buy yours HERE**

                            Thank you for agreeing to our interview: can you tell us a little bit more about Fussy Pups?

                            Fussy Pups is a little business making Handmade Natural Dog treats and cakes. I have over 20 years experience in the food industry so already have good knowledge for baking and good food hygiene but also we had to be approved with DEFRA, our local council and all our products have to be analytically tested. I am lucky as I have an incredibly supportive partner who has helped and encouraged me throughout - he even helped out when I had health issues at Christmas! Of course there is also George, our chief taster and quality control expert who gives his paw of approval! 

                            national dog biscuit day

                            What made you decide to start making Dog Biscuits?

                            I started making our dog George treats as so many have a lot of artificial stuff in them plus I wanted them to be tasty. Then, after a mini stroke and some health issues my partner relocated us to Cornwall and helped me set up the business and Fussy Pups was born (he came up with the name). Since then, the business is growing with more and more amazing customers both furry and not so furry. 


                            national dog biscuit day

                            Your biscuits are so beautifully decorated it must take a lot of time, what is your favourite part of the biscuit making process?

                            Thankfully, I love baking but also love making them look nice as well..We have seasonal boxes so the designs change throughout the year depending on season or special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's and Easter. We even are doing a bespoke order for wedding flavours. It's always fun coming up with new designs or flavours to try.

                            What sort of ingredients are used in your biscuits?

                            I use all natural ingredients and all are human grade. Ingredients include peanut butter, pumpkin, coconut oil, spices and we are just adding Cornish Seaweed to one of our treats to be available soon. Our products do not contain artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. this also means they don't have a long shelf life but we would rather that than add preservatives plus we would hope the dogs snaffle the treats pretty quickly anyway 

                            Where can we purchase your lovely biscuits from?

                            Thank you... we are on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy and enquiries or purchases can be made either by messaging (Facebook/Instagram) or directly on Etsy 

                            You can get your own set of delicious handmade biscuits from Fussy Pups HERE




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