Does my Dog still need to wear a Tag if they are Chipped?

September 11, 2018

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Adopting a puppy or a dog and wondering what is on the list of things you need to check off on your ‘to do list’?
Well, this one should certainly be on top of your list. 
Or maybe you've had your furbaby a long time now and have heard talk about tags in public and microchipping puppies and want to know where you stand? 
Well, let us help clear things up for you... 


Does my Dog Need to be Microchipped if I live in the UK?

Yes. Every dog by the time they reach 8 weeks old must legally be microchipped.  This has been the UK law since 2016 and can result in a rather hefty fine between £500 and £1,000 if it is not compiled by.

You must also register your dog on a known database. If you have purchased a dog older than 8 weeks old you need to see proof of their microchip certificate and change the information to your details. 

For more information on Microchipping click here...

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Does my Dog Need to wear a Tag In Public? 

Yes. Legally your dog must wear some form of ID in public areas. There are very few dogs that this law does not apply to - these are working dogs such as police dogs or guide dogs. Your dog must wear either a collar with your name and address or an ID tag with your name and address.

Our Top Tip
We advise not to put the dog's name on the tag.
 A simple option is to use 'Chipped' or your surname on the front and details on the back. 

For more information on Pet, Tags click here...

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Does my Dog Still Need to wear a Tag if they are Chipped?

In Public areas Yes. Although your pup or dog are microchipped this does not mean that they shouldn't be wearing a form of identification out in public. 

If they are at home and indoors then no they do not need to wear a tag or collar. However, as soon as they go onto outside ground with access to a public space they will need to wear ID be it in the form of a Tag or an Identity Collar. So if they are outside in your garden it is best that they wear a Tag or collar.


Failure to comply with these laws will result in a substantial fine of a minimum of £500! 

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