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Can I Share Alcohol With My Pet?

June 26, 2018

Can I Share Alcohol With My Pet?

I'm sure you've seen the funny pictures on social media of a cat with a glass of wine or a dog holding a beer, but alcohol is extremely dangerous for our pets to consume. That doesn't mean however that there aren't drinks that are tailored towards pets for a celebratory drink. 

Today we interviewed Pet Winery an American company based in Florida, which sells creative, healthy beverages and treats for your feline and canine friends. They strive themselves by creating vitamin enriched, healthy and safe food and drinks for your furry loved one (which contain no alcohol). Pet Winery ship worldwide - see if they stock near you here! For UK purchases click here!

 We at Hoobynoo absolutely love these products and think they are just Pawesome, who doesn’t want to celebrate with a glass or two with their pet!
But it must be said that although these drinks share humour names with alcoholic beverages none of these products contains alcohol! 

Do Not Feed your Pets alcohol!

"Dogs are believed to be more sensitive to ethanol than humans and so drinking even a small amount of alcohol can cause effects. Certain alcoholic drinks may be more appealing to dogs, such as cream or egg-based drinks. Dogs may develop similar effects to those expected in humans, including becoming drowsy, wobbly on their feet and in more severe cases they can develop low body temperature, low blood sugar, seizures and coma."


When did you first start Pet Winery, we have to know what your inspiration was for starting such a quirky business?


We started PetWinery in 2015, and the inspiration came from a company that was making pet beverage products in Japan. The issue was they were using grapes in their beverages which is not so safe for pets, so we formulated our own blend of salmon oil blended beverages for cats and dogs!



Why are your products safe for pets to consume?


    All our products are tested by our own pets, and all the ingredients are natural and Purrfectly safe for your pets. None of our products has alcohol. 
    They include salmon oil, water, catnip, and natural based flavourings. 


    What’s your or rather your taste-tester’s favourite treat or flavour?

       My taste tester Chloe (my 3-year-old adopted corgi) loves the beef BarkBrew beer, she enjoys it during every pet event we have.


       Do you make seasonal treats?

         At the moment we do not make seasonal treats, but maybe in the near future!


        Where can we find your products? Do you supply to stores too?

           If you're within the USA check with your local groomer or pet store! We are in over 200+ stores including some big names like TJMAX, and LTD. If you are international then check our locator on our website here


          The Cat Collection  

          The Dog Collection




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