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5 Thinks to know about adopting a Griffon Breed

Have you seen the little gremlin taking the world by storm? The Griffon family can be divided into 3 breeds: the Brussels Griffon, the Griffon Bruxellois and the Petit Brabancn. Today we interviewed a Petit Brabancon owner, but our blog post will also focus on the Griffon breed as a whole. 


Pet:                 Dog
Breed:             Petit Brabançon
Age:                 1 year, 2 months


Eating: If she could, she would eat all day long.
Attention: called "velcro dogs" because they are so loyal to their owners. 
Playing, sleeping and her best friend of Lilly, our adopted Golden Retriever.


She does not like pasta, that's the only thing I think. For the rest, they are such pleasant dogs that I can't find anything they don't like.
Oh and maybe the vet ;)


Breed history:

The Griffon has 3 breed types, the Brussels Griffon, the Griffon Bruxellois and the Petit Brabancon, they all have similar shape and characteristics but differ in hair type and colour. The Brussels Griffon is the National dog of Belgium and has been for centuries. Initially, the breed was used for hunting small rodents or rode in 'hansom cabs'. The Griffon has traces of Affenpinscher mixed with smaller breeds such as the Pug or Toy Spaniel. Their more recent breeding has developed into their aesthetic beard, which coincidently has made them unfit for hunting and has since become a well-loved companion dog.


Today we are joined by Cindy the owner of an adorable Petit Brabancon called Qtie, who is overwhelming Instagram right now! We asked Cindy some question about adopting a Petit Brabancon and what life is like with the little pup. 


Researching Griffon Breeders:

How did you go about researching a breeder? What things did you look for in finding a reliable breeder?


I met this breed for the first time in real life at Crufts in the UK. Once back home I wanted to know everything about this breed. I knew immediately that this breed fits perfectly with me and fell in love with the "Petit Brabançon". But where could find this breed locally to me? As this is a Belgian breed I wanted to find a Belgian breeder.

Unfortunately, this was a very difficult task. Through the association of this breed, I found out that there only were a few breeders in Belgium. There were twice as many breeders of the griffons (Griffon Bruxellois & Griffon Belge) than of the Petit Brabançon. I contacted one of the only breeders in Belgium of the Petit Brabançon. They had an experience of almost 20 years in this breed. From there I ended up on the waiting list. After a long time of waiting Q-tie of Baluchistan was born. She was the daughter of Operastar Pearlfisher and Klara of Baluchistan and the sister of Queen of Baluchistan. (Their names had to start with the letter Q, regulations of the Belgian Kennel Club).

 Top Tip:

Research the breeder before you jump into adoption and ask for recommendations. A long waiting list is always a good sign of a reputable breeder. They should have plenty of information about the breeds health issues and have health tested parents. They should also be able to provide you with pedigree information and may also be a member of recognised breeding schemes, such as the Kennel Club.


Griffon Sociability & Behaviour:


Do you think Petit Brabancon, Griffon Bruxellois and Griffon Belge are good family pets?


For me, these are the perfect family dogs. They are small, brave, very loyal, sweet and like to be part of everything you do. They love everyone, adults, children - less so with very small children - other pets you name it, they'll love them!


Petit's are said to be moody in character, has this been your experience with Grumpy Q-tie? Can you tell us about her temperament?


There are indeed many small breeds that has a strong temperament, read "who bark a lot". This breed is not known for excessive barking. As I mentioned earlier, it's a very brave breed. You can compare it with a big dog in a small package. They are very smart and learn quickly. With a good education, you get the perfect dog in a home with this breed. We chose the name "grumpy Q-tie" because of her grumpy face but the be honest there's nothing grumpy about her character.


Apparently, Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabançon crave attention and will attach themselves to one family member in particular. Have you found this with Grumpy Q-tie?

They indeed create a strong bond with certain people. My bond with Q-tie is very close. When she walks outside without a leash, she will not lose sight of me. But this does not mean that she can't have a strong bond with someone else. People that she sees a lot and where she feels comfortable with also become her favourite people. She adores my son, his 12 years old. But my mum is also one of her favourites too. And you can always convince her to say hello with food.



Griffon Health and Care:


How much exercise does a Petit Brabançon need?


She is always happy for walkies. We are big fans of walking, so Q-tie is used to that. I know a lot of Petit Brabançons who do agility training. The easy thing is that they are small and they can be taken anywhere. How much exercise is depending on what they are used to and the habits of the owners I think.


Are the Petit Brabançons, Griffon Bruxellois and Griffon Belge easy to train? Does Q-tie have any favourite tricks?


They are very smart and learn very quickly. They must continue to feel good in everything they do, so reward them positively during training because they are very sensitive. Qtie can do all the basic tricks we learned in dog school.


Are there any health concerns someone should be aware of if they are considering this breed?


The most important thing is to look for a good breeder, someone who only breeds these dogs. Who has a lot of experience in this breed and where healthy dogs are the first priority!


Top Grooming Tip:

The fur of Griffons should be trimmed regularly by hand - however, make sure to leave the moustache, beard and her facial hair untrimmed - the hair around the eyes, however, should be kept clear to avoid irritation. The beard and whiskers need to be cleaned of food and scraps to keep untangled for the comfort of the dog.


Do you have any funny stories about Q-tie that you'd like to share?


Q-tie is just like a funny monkey. Every day she conjures a smile on everybody's face. But the funniest part of Q-tie is when she takes a bath!


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