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Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials

March 26, 2019

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials

Losing a pet is one of most heartbreaking situations an animal lover can go through and although nothing can ever replace your best friend being there in those moments when you're feeling down or in need of that unconditional love they all provide, we spoke to Impressive Memories who runs a business to help you cherish your memories in some of the most beautiful and original ways.

 An Interview with Impressive Memories

When did you start your business?

I don't really have a start just kind of ‘evolved’!! I started lifecasting in 2003, while I was on maternity leave from my teaching career, after having my daughter. I practised on all my friends and family's babies. By 2006 I had an inclination that all new mums would love to have casts of their babies so I had my first batch of 'Impressive Babies' business cards made.

Life threw me a bit of a curveball in 2008 and I had to return to full time teaching to survive as a solo parent...but we all know how many holidays teachers get...and that's when I continued to work on my own business idea. Customers started asking for more than just baby casts. I was regularly casting adults & pets and making bespoke jewellery that incorporated a huge range of memories & emotions.

I’d also started to capture final memories in local funeral homes and realised how precious life can be. I took the plunge into full-time self-employment, leaving my safe, secure, superannuated teaching job in 2013 and 'Impressive Memories' was born!! Making a change is scary but regretting NOT doing something is much scarier. My motto was ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ As long as I could answer that (honestly) I knew I was ready. I built my studio in 2014 and business has boomed since.

What made you think about adding a pets inspired range to your store?

Our pets play such an important role in family life...they are just as Impressive as our human family and so many of my own childhood memories & important life events involve my pets, it just felt totally natural! One of my bucket list wishes is to cast a tiger’s paw - how amazing would that be???

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials(Lock of Fur Charm £79.00)

Which of your pet related items is your favourite to make?

Aargh...I love them all. It's amazing to meet customers pets and capture their memories but I think my favourite part is seeing the reaction from the customer when they receive their finished item. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Would I need to bring my dog to the booking?

Not always. Lifecasting and ceramic/clay orders I need to meet with you and your pet either here at my studio, or at your home if travelling is possible.
All the jewellery I offer can be made by posting out kits to capture the initial elements, you’re very welcome to make an appointment, but it isn’t always necessary.

Pet Casting, Paw casting, memorie gifts( Pet and Paw Casting)

How long does a casting session take?

Booking is usually for an hour. The actual time in the casting impression material is only 3-5 mins. Most of the time is given to let your pooch settle and feel relaxed and comfortable with me, and prepare them for their casting.

What if my dog didn’t sit still for long enough?

Wriggling isn't an issue. I won't begin casting until I know the dog is ready and I follow the owner's guidance to keep doggy happy and relaxed. If you cast correctly, and the preparation is done well

then the movement is restricted gradually and the dog sits safely and securely in position. The success or failure of the cast depends on the caster, not the doggy.

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials(Pet and Paw Casting from £65.00-£105.00)

Is the casting uncomfortable for dogs?

If the dog is not comfortable with me preparing them for a casting, then I would never proceed. I build their trust by gently massaging the paws & offering them tasty treats. Only then do I proceed towards casting. Some lifecasters insist on dogs being muzzled. I don't. If your dog isn't happy then I won't cast them. If a muzzle is needed then either the dog is unhappy or the lifecaster is scared...neither of those should be the case.

Will it get caught in their fur?

Only if done wrongly using the wrong materials and techniques for your breed of dog. This is why I HATE to see casting kits on the market to cast your dog. If done wrongly then the dog can & will suffer and that is totally unacceptable.

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials

 How long is the making process for your pet products?

After your cast is taken I need a minimum of 6 weeks for a small individual paw, up to 12-16 weeks for larger casts. The time needed is vital to the process and longevity of your cast, and also an indication to the quality of materials being used. Cheap stone plaster not only looks poor but it dries quickly due to its larger particles...these are also weaker and prone to crumbling in years to come. Another common mistake is only drying the cast externally...leaving moisture internally and painting/sealing the cast traps the moisture which in time will rot from the inside out. Your cast will start to grow mould - NOT impressive!

Jewellery orders need approx 10-14 days to make once I have all the elements I need. I do offer a 7 day express service for some items. Christmas time is a bit manic and most turnaround times more than double.
2D Clay impressions need approx 3-4 weeks.

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials(Ceramic and Clay Paw Prints £15.00-£45.00)

Do Prices differ on certain products depending on the size of breed?

My prices for casting don't vary. My charges are based on the materials and time I need to create them.
For Silver noses however I do offer three different sizes, each with a different amount of silver - so the cost reflects that. But other jewellery - paw prints etc - the price doesn't vary.

If I wanted to make a keepsake of my dog who’d just past how would I go about that with some of your products?

I can, and do, still offer to cast dogs who have passed away. Each circumstance is unique. Time is very precious and arrangements need to made quickly. I am also a member of the Association of LIfecasters International - If I am unable to capture your memories I have a network of fellow casters worldwide that I am happy to recommend

For jewellery that needs an impressio,n I offer next day delivery for my kits. There are alternatives too to capture a pawprint for example and I've helped many pet owners capture everything we need to then create their jewellery.

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials(Cremation Ash Silver Ring £65.00)

Your ‘Nose Necklaces’ are really unusual, we’ve never seen anything like it before!
We’d love to hear where that idea come from if you don’t mind sharing?

I LOVE silver dog noses! I became a bit obsessed by them when I discovered they are as unique as a human’s fingerprint. The detail in them is so gorgeous and when I wear mine on a necklace I notice people are fascinated by it. They can look quite abstract but once you say ‘It’s my dogs nose’ then it becomes so obvious! Most dog owners know their own dogs nose - I am wakened most mornings by two cold wet noses that are eager to start the day!!

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials(Silver Dog Noses £69.00 - £108.00)

Are there other ‘send-away’ kit based items that I can do it from home?

All the items in my online shop can be created from the comfort of your own kennel. Distance is not an issue. My packs all contain detailed instructions, I have video demonstrations on my website and I’m always on the end of the phone if you need to ask a question before you start. I am also happy to communicate with your vet or staff at the pet crematoriums too if you’re asking them to help you capture final memories.

I also have gift vouchers too - Impressive & unique gift for ‘paw’rents and ‘fur’iends.

Remembering Your Pet - Impressive Memories Pet Memorials(Small Paw Print Pandora Charm £54.50)

Where do you ship to?

My website accepts orders from the UK and I offer a free local collection service from here at the studio. I am happy to offer international postage outside the UK via telephone orders if I am able to.

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