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Signs you're a Crazy Dog Lady - NEW London Event

June 12, 2018

Signs you're a Crazy Dog Lady - NEW London Event

Do your friends think you are little nuts about your pup?
How do you know if you really fit the criteria of 'Crazy Dog Lady'?
What Events are available for dog lovers within the UK?

Hey, Crazy Dog Lady (or should that be Ladies?) we are super excited to be interviewing you today, and the question we all want to know is...

How did you start your journey to become the Crazy Dog Lady?

We were fed up attending dog events that really didn’t cut it. Overpriced and overfilled. So we decided to start organising our own events that welcomed all dogs on a premium level.


We are so excited to hear more about your upcoming London event in July! I think we are most excited about the puppuccinos! What are you most looking forward to?

We are excited to show off all the premium touches, meeting fellow crazy dog ladies and petting all the pooches of course


 Who can go to your Pawesome Event? 

Humans with their dogs or if you don’t have a dog, human tickets are available. Because alcohol is being served, it is for over 18's however.



What can customers expect from attending a Crazy Dog Lady Event?

Gorgeous decor with instagrammable touches, bottomless prosecco, vegan cupcakes for humans, pupcakes and puppicinos for the pooches, plus a goodie bag worth over £50.

    What has been the best event that you have hosted to date?

      This is our first event, so hopefully this one!

        What do you think makes the best event?

          Events that are all inclusive - all breeds welcome whatever shape and size. One that you can’t wait to tell your friends all about. They make you feel like you were part of an awesome experience.

            We see you are about to launch a Merchandise page to your site, what exciting things will you be selling?

              We will be selling bad ass merch perfect for crazy dog ladies- slogan tees for humans and dogs too!

              Hoobynoo are super excited about this event, If you wish to attend Crazy Dog Lady's London Event this July Click Here...  do let us know if you're going.

              Follow Crazy Dog Lady social media links here:
              Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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