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Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Horses

Are you struggling to find a Christmas gift for your horse or pony? Just because they are a pet who doesn't live inside the house shouldn't mean that they are left out of the season of good cheer and festive fun. Today we've compiled a Horse's Christmas wish list - thanks to Phoebe's Horse Tia! Here's what we think a Horse might wish from Santa this Christmas. 

1). Grooming Bag 
horse grooming back, personalised , christmas sack
What better place to put your Horses grooming tools than in a Personalised bag! Now you'll never forget where you put them or if that brush is yours or your stablemates because it will all be in one place. check out our horse illustrations online - if we don't have your horse's breed we'd be happy to start sketching!
Get personalised horse grooming bag HERE

2). Delicious Nibbles
Stud muffins 

studd muffins, horse treats, gift for horses
We haven’t met a horse who hasn’t liked them! Phoebe's Horse Tia will be over the moon to unwrap these at Christmas... I wonder how long it will take her to devour the bag? Stud Muffins' come in a variety of size so if your horse has yet to try them, why not start them off with a snack bar of 3 muffins and see what they think!

3). Advent Calendars  

horse advent callender, lincoln herb
  Again a Tia Favourite! I don't know about you but I think Pet Advent Calenders is a fantastic idea to treat pets to a little something special each day as well as get them all excited for Christmas too! There is a range of Horse Calenders out there, however, we are featuring this one because we know Tia can't keep her nose away! 

horse stable sign, Christmas gifts for horses, stable,
What's currently on your horse's stable? Why not jazz up your horse's stable this Christmas with a personalised Plaque. Choose from our range of horse breeds and colourings as well as background designs, it's almost like redecorating your bedroom!

5). Treats for in the Stable 
licky thing horse treat
Licky Thing is a fantastic treat sold by Uncle Jimmy's for horses to snack and licks on whilst they are in their stables. The no added sugar treat is packed with minerals and vitamins to keep horses happy, healthy and calm for everyday life. 


6). Boredom Toys

horse toy bordom buster
When the weather starts to drop and Horses are outside less and less, they often become bored very quickly. Likit have created this toy -  the Boredom Buster - and many others to help keep horses active and happy. This toy lets them enjoy tasty treats but also work their brain as the challenges get harder as the toy rotates and moves as they lick it. 

bouncy ball horse toy
Here is a toy that will certainly keep your horse entertained. This is a small, lightweight but robust ball which your horse will have fun about the stable with as it bounces all over the place. 


8). A Head Collar 
rainbow horse head collar
These are gorgeous and different from normal head collars that you'd get in your tack shops. Handmade and customisable, you'll certainly catch people's eyes with tmhspecialties' bright and vibrant designs - they even do repairs free of charge! 

9). A Set of Personalised Brushes
grooming brushes for horses, christmas gifts for horses
Blue Ridge Engravings have a fantastic range of gifts for horse lovers! These Personalised Horse brushes, however, are certainly our favourite. What do you think? Are you in need of some new gorgeous grooming brushes?

10). Christmas Outfit 
christmas outfit for horses
Jingle All the Way with this adorable Christmas Outfit. See people's faces light up like a Christmas tree as you ride about in the winter months. Your pony will certainly have a spring in their step this year! This outfit is easy to put on and adjustable for your horse's comfort. 

christmas sack, horse gift, horse christmas gift sack
Where do you put your Horse's Christmas Presents? Do they go under a small tree or straight into their stables on Christmas Day? Have you thought about getting them a Christmas Present Sack for them to investigate! Tia certainly loves her Christmas Sack and can not wait to get her nose in.
Get your personalised Christmas Horse Sack HERE

12). Match Sets
matching horse sets, christmas gifts for horses
Do you like to colour coordinate or are you and your horse more of a mix and match pair? 
Well, why not take a look at hat equus has to offer and see if there is something that takes your fancy. Your horse will certainly look stunning! 
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