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Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

November 21, 2018

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Ten Gifts Your Cat Needs (or demands) this Christmas.

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Let's be honest: your cat secretly knows it is the master or mistress of the house. It expects no less than the best, so here are ten amazing gifts to keep your cat from giving you THAT disapproving look this Christmas:

1. Cat Sack - The Personalised Cat Christmas Stocking

Stop your cat becoming a Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter by giving it just ONE sack personalised with its name and likeness. Cats love nothing better than seeing their own face on a sack full of treats and if they DON'T see it, they'll just tear into your own presents. Remember that in their minds it's not about you, it's about MEEEEEEEEEIAOOWWW. Click the picture!

2. Cat Wooden Christmas Decoration

Don't see enough of your cat around Xmas? That's because it's out getting fed by the neighbours. Still, fear not: now you can decorate your Christmas tree with your cat's very own smiling face. Check this out and CLICK the picture to grab one for yourself:

Wooden Cat Christmas Tree Decoration

3. Personalised Cat Tooth Keepsake Box

If your cat loses some teeth (and let's be honest, you're likely to find most of them still sticking out of your leg) you might want to keep them as a special memory of your favourite furry friend...but where? Why, right HERE in our Personalised Cat Tooth Keepsake Box.

Cat Tooth Keepsake Box Personalised

4. Custom Contemporary Cat Portrait Personalised

This Christmas, why not take down all your framed family photographs and replace them with a hugely detailed and elaborate portrait of.....your CAT! There is a strong rumour that having one of these in your house immediately makes your feline friend the envy of all the other cats in the neighbourhood, so you may well find other cats wandering in just to look at it. Get yours by clicking HERE:

Custom Contemporary Cat Portrait Personalised

5. Silver Printed Personalised Cat Christmas Decoration

Joy toooooo the world.........but especially to your CAT. Let's celebrate the birth of Catmas by putting the image and name of your very own Santa Paws on top of a Christmas Tree - or even just hanging from it! Click HERE or just on the image to snatch a piece of this mewing goodness:

Silver Printed Personalised Cat Christmas Decoration

6. Cat Hanging Bauble Personalised

Our most popular decoration for cats isn't star shaped at all: it's a circle! Enriched by our awesome polka dot background, you can personalise this little piece of Christmas heaven with the likeness of your cat, its given name and even a Christmas Hat as an extra option! Click HERE to grab one!

Cat Hanging Bauble Personalised Christmas Decoration


7. Cat Bowl Personalised

Serve your cat some mulled milk and fish cookies in THIS stunning marble-patterned personalied cat bowl this Christmas. Grab your Xmas Feeder right HERE:

8. Cat Mouse Pad Personalised

It's Christmas Eve and you're stuck at work....but you can STILL look at your cat with this amazing personalised cat mouse pad. Click HERE to keep your cat's amazing face right with you at the office.

9. Cat Mug Personalised

Take a tea break with the face of your very best friend on your favourite drinking cup! Check out these incredible personalised cat mugs HERE:

Personalised Cat Bowl

10. Cat Butt Mug

There are some days when you literally can't wait to see your cat and others when you wouldn't mind see the back of him...if only for the few hours it takes to fix all the cushions he's ripped up. Now you can do BOTH! Check out our cat butt mug by clicking right HERE:

Cat Butt Mug


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