Top Gifts for Pet Lovers from their Pets

November 21, 2018

Top Gifts for Pet Lovers from their Pets

So with the countdown to Christmas Day approaching, we're curious: does your furbaby get you a present for Christmas? What is the best Christmas Present you can get for a Cat Lover, Dog Lover or Pet Lover of any kind for that matter?

My cat Harry will indeed have presents to unwrap and some Christmas dinner to sink her teeth into but somehow she seems to find the money to get the family a present from herself and it's usually Pyjamas - the more humorous and Christmassy the better! 

Of course, she too is included in amongst the festivities of giving and receiving presents and we cannot open her gifts to us until she is in the room. She will investigate what she's given us, sniffing at the wrapping paper until she has found what she really wants: the tasty treats that we've got her! Nonetheless, it is a tradition all the same. 

So in celebration of Pets going 'shopping', we thought we'd create a list of our favourite Gifts for Humans from their Pets...



1). A Pawesome Christmas Mug 
christmas pug mug
New to our Hoobynoo store this Christmas - the Bah Hum Pug mug! This is the pawfect present for any grumpy (secret) Christmas lover. Enjoy delicious seasonal Christmas spiced drinks this winter in style!
2). A Lovable Message Cushion 
This humourous cushion would certainly have a place in my home, how about you? Let's face it, we all have a furbaby who dominates our lives and can wrap us around their tail with just a wink. Is your pet allowed on the are you sure about that?
3). A Digital Artwork of your Furbaby 
Now, what could be a better gift from your furbaby than a wonderfully designed digital portrait of them to hang up in your home! We do these digital artworks for both cats and dogs. Simply send us in your photo and desired text and that's it!
4). Pawsonalised Pet Pyjamas 

Well, if my Cat Harry could see this, she'd be spending all her money on a set of these for the family! Aren't these fantastic, totally personalised pet PJs that are printed using a photo of your choice! And PJs aren't all this store do!
5). Pet Memorial Decoration 
Pet memorial christmas decoration
Losing a pet is hard, especially when it comes to family holidays when their presence is most noticed to be missing. These Christmas Decorations are so heartbreaking to make but we at Hoobynoo feel it a nice way to help people remember their furry loved ones. 
6). Scented Candle 

What a fun gift idea! Who has a smelly pet at home who has a fart that is lethal? Maybe they should get the family this present to say sorry! And yes, they do seasonal smells too! 
7). Pawsonalised Socks
socks from the dog best christmas present
Who has a furbaby who is guilty of chewing on socks? Then this present might be just right to start 2019 off with the best of intentions! Getting Personal has a wide variety of gifts that pet owners would love to receive this Christmas. 
8). Pet Decoration 
christmas dog decoration
I'm not sure that you're supposed to wear the Christmas Tree Decoration Mr Tickles!  though you do look rather dashing! Our Christmas Hat Dog Illustrations have proven to be super popular, particularly when it comes to our Christmas Tree decorations! We've now got a Christmas Hat Illustration for every dog breed on our website - now that's a lot of Christmas cheer to go around! 
9). Pet Pebble 
How Cute is this Pet Pebble, maybe you'll use it as a paperweight? Or possibly a  keepsake at work to remind you of your furbaby waiting at home for you? It's up to you. Where will you keep yours?
10). Cat Planter
cat planter gift
Do your cat's like to climb the wildlife in the house? I know mine did when she was younger. Which made keeping plants and tall vegetation in the house super difficult, so how about a hanging planter? Hung in the right place, I don't think she'd have gotten her paws into any mischief with this. 
11). Thinking of my Pet Mug 
Do you always feel the pull when you leave for work in the morning? You don't want to leave them but you must. It's a sad tale that all pet lovers know. But maybe this personalised Pet mug will cheer you up when you have a few minutes at work to grab a cuppa? Not only available in Cat designs but also Dog too! 
12). Engraved Bracelet 
engraved bracelet
How sweet is this minimalistic and timeless bracelet? Decorated with a sketch of your furbaby and their name it will certainly be the centrepiece to any outfit you wear this Christmas. 
13). Plans Jumper 
For those comfy cosy days when you can't decide what to wear but you know it'll be spent having fun with your furbaby, maybe playtime in the park or a walk somewhere special or perhaps it'll be spent indoors investigating where all those half chewed toys are hiding? Who knows but you'll be super comfy as you do! 
14). Photo Personalised Tag Keyring 
pet photo keyring
Forgetting where your key is all the time? maybe this photo key ring might help you find them 
15). Kitty Pen 
kitty pen best christmas gift for cat lovers
If you LOVE stationary then you'll love Nikkis Kawaii stationary for sure! How cute will your desk look with kitten pens, toe bean post-it-notes and colourful rainbow washi tape! I think we might be ordering some new stationary in the office for 2019! 

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