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Free Shipping when you spend over £25
Free Shipping when you spend over £25
Free Shipping when you spend over £25
Free Shipping when you spend over £25
Free Shipping when you spend over £25

Get Your Christmas Dog Sacks and Christmas Dog Stockings Personalised

Does your furbaby get spoilt at Christmas time?

Are they ready to open their presents on Christmas Morning with the whole family together? Or have you come down one morning to see a scene of shredded wrapping paper? If so then maybe a personalised Present Sack from our Hoobynoo version of Santa Paws is your answer!  

We've got one for every breed on our website - now that's a lot of dogs! 
Our Christmas Pet Sacks come in two sizes Small and Large. 


shih tzu puppy investigating christmas sack

Made from a thick luxury canvas style material, your dog's present sack will last for many years to come: you could even use it to store their toys all year round.


Available in these DOG BREEDS!

Affenpinscher - Akita - Alaskan Malamute - Australian Cattle Dog  - Australian ShepherdAfghan Hound  - Airdale Terrier Basset Hound  - Basset Fauve de Bretagne - BeagleBelgian Shepherd  - Belgian Tervuren - Bedlington Terrier  - Bernese Mountain DogBichon Frise - Bracco Italiano  - Boxer  - Border Collie  - Border TerrierBoston Terrier - Boerboel BrittanyBrussels GriffonBullmastiff - Cairn Terrier  - Cavalier King CharlesCavapoo  - CavachonCockapoo - Cocker Spaniel  - Chihuahua - Chinese Crested  - Chow Chow - Corgi  - Coton du Tulear - Clumber SpanielCurly Coated Retriever  - DachshundDalmatian  - Doberman - Dogo Argentino - Dogue de Bordeaux - English Bulldog - English Bull Terrier  - English Mastiff - French Bulldog - Fox TerrierFlat Coated Retriever - Golden Retriever - German Shepherd - Great Dane  - German Pointer - Greyhound/Whippet  - Havanese - Husky Siberian - Irish Terrier  - Jack Russell - Jug - Japanese Chin - Kooikerhondje - Labrador  - Labradoodle  - Leonberger - Lhasa Apso - Lurcher - Lakeland Terrier - Maltese Terrier - Maltipoo - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Neapolitan Mastiff - Newfoundland  - Old English Sheepdog  -  Olde Thyme Bulldog - Papillon  - Patterdale Terrier - Petit Brabancon - Pekingese - PointerPomeranian  - Poodle  - Polish Lowland Sheepdog - Pomsky - Pugalier - Puggle - Pughasa - Pyrenees Mountain Dog - Pug - Rottweiler - Rhodesian Ridgeback - Romania Water Dog - Russian Toy Terrier - Saluki  - Samoyed  - Schnauzer - Scottish Terrier - Schnoodle DoodleSetter  -  Shar Pei  - Shetland Sheepdog  - Shiba Inu - Shih Tzu  - Springer Spaniel  - Spanish Podenco - Spanish Waterdog - Spinone Italiano - StabyhounStaffie - St Bernard - Swedish Valhund - Swiss Mountain Dog - Tibetian Spaniel - Tibetian Terrier  - Vizsla - Westie - Weimaraner - Wolf Dog - Wheaten TerrierWire Haired Griffon  - Yorkshire Terrier


But Wait that's not all!

Did you know we also do Small Personalised Christmas Sacks for Cats...
These sacks are simply purrrfect for hidden treats and toys your furbaby would love to get their paws on this Christmas. What will you hide in theirs? 

Cat Breed's Available...

Black Cat  - Tabby cat - Ginger Cat - White Cat - Black/White Cat - Siamese Cat - Blue/Grey Cat - Grey Striped Cat - Tortoiseshell Cat - Blue Point Cat - Ginger White Cat - Blue Mitted Ragdoll - Blue Tortie Ragdoll - Black Fluffy Cat - Bengal Cat - Black/White Fluffy Cat - Persian Cat - Brown Tabby Cat - Sphynx Cat - Grey White Striped Cat - Calico Cat - Maine Coon Cat



...And for 2018 - Introducing this year's newest edition
Horse Christmas Sacks!


Horse sacks come in a larger size and we have 32 Horse designs to choose from!



If we don't have your breed of cat, dog or horse we are always happy to start sketching and working on designing new breeds and colourings of your furbabies!
Just Contact Us and let us know which breed you would like to see :)
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