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7 Pet Fire Safety Tips You Need to Know!

We wish it will never happen, but in the event of a fire, we know what to do.
But do our Pets? Can we rely on them to make it out safely on their own?

Since 2009 National Pet Fire Safety Day happens on the 15th July to bring the attention of fire prevention and emergency planning for pet owners - Although it is an American 'National Day', we at Hoobynoo thought it was right to highlight the knowledge round this day for pet owners internationally. 



It's good to know where your emergency exits are located, now you need to think about your pets and how to prepare them for an unexpected fire emergency. Did you know that many fires in the home are caused by pets? By thinking about your pet and the possible fire hazards in your home you can come up with safety precautions. 

7 Pet Fire Safety Tips You Need to Know! 

  • Beware of open flames - keep them out of reach of pets and extinguish when leaving the room! Don't let curious pets with wagging tails know over candles 
  • Replace candles with battery powered flameless ones - this creates a gorgeous ambiance and will keep you and your pets safer in a power cut 
  • Replace Glass water bowls with plastic or metal ones - on a very hot day a glass water bowl placed on wooden decking can actually heat up and catch fire! 
  • Keep collars and leads near your door, not only does this reminds pets of where to go for walkies but makes for a more controlled getaway if a fire should occur. 
  • If when you leave for work, you keep your pet in a certain room for the day, make sure it has an access to an outside door encase a rescue is needed. 
  • Think about pet-proofing your room or having a pet kennel that they can stay in whilst you are out of the house. This can help avoid fire hazards. 
  • Have a Family Fire Plan, mark out your exits and if a pet will require help leaving the building. 

NB: When researching for this blog post I came across 'Please Help my Pet' fire alert signs. Although these are meant to let emergency services know that there is a pet who resides there who may require help, upon reflection many emergency services say that these are a “hazard to emergency personnel” as the stickers may have been left up from previous tenants. Instead they request that you inform if there is a residential pet at the scene. 

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