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What makes a pup a Pedigree and not a Cross Breed?

How do you know if you have a pedigree pup on your hands?
What is the definition of a crossbreed that's turned pedigree?
How do I know which insurance class my pup falls under?
What is a Designer Dog?


What is the Definition of a Pedigree?

Pedigree - parents of the same breed

The term Pedigree has a bit of a loose meaning nowadays. Some take it to mean a breed that is recognise by the Kennel Club such as a Pug or a Labrador.

Others use the title Pedigree for a dog which has two parents from the same breed - such as a Cockapoo with two Cockapoo parents. You then also have to consider Cross Breeds that have been around for so long that they have become a Pedigree breed in themselves such as the Labradoodle.

chocolate labrador

Pedigree Pros:

  • You know what your adopting - You'll be able to find out the pedigrees' average size, weight, and health statistics very easily.
  • There is extensive research material on the breeds mannerisms, characteristics, and behaviourism.
  • As a pedigree breed it'll be able to enter specific competitions

Pedigree Cons:

  • Not all dogs are the same, their characteristics or behaviour may be extensively different to the average pedigree.
  • Pedigree dogs are at greater risk from genetic health problems
  • They are more expensive to insure because of their high level health risk.
  • Pedigree dogs are more expensive to purchase unless you adopt them from a rescue centre. This is due to the pedigree certificate that comes with the pup having a value.

What should I know about Owning a Pedigree Dog?

The pedigree dog has overtime inherited some health issues from their ancestors. This is because they are less genetically diverse than a mix breed or cross breed. Take the adorable squishy faced pug. Due to pedigree breeding their respiratory system has become narrower and their snout flatter which causes them to have nasal and breathing problems. Here is how the older breed of Pugs looked compared to our modern day Pug

Are Pedigree  Dogs more expensive?

For insurance, a pedigree dog can be more expensive as the insurance company will expect the probability that the breed will have inherited heath problems compared to that of a mix or cross breed. But you should check what the insurance company defines as a pedigree dog - even if it contradicts your own views on the term pedigree as it could save you money.

What is the Definition of a Cross Breed?

Cross Breed - Parents are from two different breeds 

Some of the more common known crossbreeds are pups like the Labradoodle or the Cockapoo, where the two parents are from two different breeds of dog. There are many different cross breed dogs which thanks to the internet are becoming household pets such as the Jackshund - Jack Russell Dachshund mix - or the  Chug - Chihuahua Pug mix or the Boxador - a Boxer Labrador mix. Once a cross breed has become fashionable ti will be given the term Designer Dog. Will this lead to worrying new Cross breeding

However, if the two parents of the Cross breed are the same breed, such as a Cockapoo breeding with a Cockapoo this is where some consider this long time breeding develop to a  Pedigree status. You might be surprised to see what breeds the Kennel Club consider Pedigree. But in truth this is what our Ancestors did to create the breeds to which we consider pedigree nowadays. So who is to say that a 'newer' cross breed won't become a pure pedigree a decade or two down the line? 

cockapoo playing fetch

A Gorgeous Goldendoodle!


What is the Definition of a Mix Breed?

Mix Breed - parents are of three for more different breeds

A Mix breed can also be called a Mutt or a Mongrel. This type of dog is when the parents of the dog haven't been intentionally bred to create a specific Cross breed; because of this, Mix breeds are one of a kind. They also tend to have less health conditions and have stronger resilience to illnesses compared to Pure Bred or Pedigree dogs which makes them much cheaper to insure because of this.

Mix Breed Pros:

  • They are cheaper to adopt as they are not a 'Designer Dog' label
  • Mix breeds have a diverse genetic structure making them a healthier breed than a purebred pup.
  • Mixed breed pups tend to have the desired qualities of the parents they've been bred by. 

 Mixed Breed Cons:

  • You cannot guarantee that the pup from a mixed litter will have the qualities you want from their mixed parents, they may take all the bad ones!
  • You have less of an understanding of the statistics of the pups breed - average height, weight body ratio etc.

wisdom dog

A study made in 2015 stated that Purebred dogs had a higher risk of contracting 10 of the 24 genetic disorders examined in dogs. However the article did go on to say that Mix breed dogs do still have their own health risks as well. Which goes to show that with dogs there is no black or white decision when it comes to breeding, there are just many different tones of grey.

What are your thoughts?
Do you think as a society we should be taking a look into what we consider pedigree or cross breed?



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