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When is Pug-a-Thon? South East's Must attend event for Pug's!

May 01, 2018

When is Pug-a-Thon? South East's Must attend event for Pug's!

Today we chatted with Lucy who runs Thanet Pug-a-thon

Hi Lucy, We are super excited to hear more about your upcoming event!
Could you tell us a little bit about Pug-a-Thon and what visitors can expect?

It’s a big meet up for pugs where people can make new friends. We have a few stalls for dogs and general interests,
A raffle and a few face in the holes for pets, face painting and a fancy dress competition just for pugs.

So there are lots of photo opportunities to be had whilst enjoying the day!

What made you decide to start this fantastic pug event?

I think pugs are really cute and popular. When I first started, I genuinely wondered how many
Pugs there were in Thanet and only expected around 12-20 maybe to turn up to the event.
Well, low and behold Hundreds turned up!

Is it just for Pugs or are other Dogs Welcome?

Others dogs are welcome as long as they are not aggressive or on heat.

Pug-a-thon fundraises for the Guardian Angel Dogs Rescue, can you tell us a little more about the charity?

They are a local rescue group that are a non profit oganisation. The volunteers work tirelessly to re-home and
Rescue local dogs that have sadly been dumped and/or abused.

Lastly we would like to ask, when is the event, is it free to attend and where can we find you online?

The event is 13th of May at 11am-2pm at King George VI Park in Ramsgate.

You can follow Thanet Pug-a-thon on Facebook and join Guardian Angels Dog Rescues group on Facebook.

It’s free to enter - I put a lot of time and money into it all for raising funds for the dogs - so any monies that are
Donated into the pot go directly to the rescue and I don’t take expenses :)

Hoobynoo will be attending Pug-a-thon with a stall, so you can come along and meet us in person :)

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