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When is The Great Dog Walk Together in the UK?


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Could you tell us a little bit about what ‘The Great Dog Walk Together is about and what is the aim of the day?

    The Great Dog Walk Together is an initiative aimed at bringing communities together to promote wellbeing via the company of dogs. Taking place all over the UK, we’re helping individuals to set up walks in their local area, invite their community along and start a conversation.


    The easiest way to meet people and to start a conversation is when you’re with a dog. When we heard about the Jo Cox Foundation Great Get Together weekend we thought the best and easiest way to bring people together in order to start a conversation would be dog walks. It started from this and moving forwards we shall provide a free to use website where people can list their dog walks. We are also in conversation with organisations such as South West Coastal Paths to arrange walks for people to join in with


    Is this run for a charity?

      It is a totally free event. There is no charity or fundraising involved, however, we are supporting the Jo Cox Great Weekend Together Initiative to encourage people within their communities to come together and share what they have in common 

      Who can take part this weekend? 
      Do you need to have a dog? 
      Are all dogs welcome? 

      Anyone can join in with or without a dog! The aim is for people to enjoy the company of dogs to promote wellbeing. Whilst not everyone can have a dog they can still enjoy their company

      Should dogs be on a lead or can they run alongside owners if they are well trained?

      Dogs don’t necessarily need to be on a lead if the walk is taking place off road and they are well behaved however we ask for all dogs to be kept on a lead if they are walking near roads or other animals. We have produced some rules of engagement to help advice dog walk organisers.

      How long is the average walk on this event? 

      Around one hour. They leisurely walk so that all dogs and humans and take part

      Where Can I find a walk near me? 
      How would I organise a walk in my area if I would like to participate and there isn’t one in my area? 

      Please visit

      You can also join the Great Dog Walk Together Facebook group and ask the group if there is anyone else in your area that is interested in arranging a walk. 

      Go to get involved on the website, sign up and we will send you a walk organiser’s information pack


        Can we share event photos on social media and if so is there a #hashtag we can use to help the event. 

        Yes, of course, we’d love you too! Our hashtag is #GreatDogWalkTogether

        We have a picture gallery on the website where we can publish photos. Simply send them to We also have a Great Dog Walk Together Facebook group where we will share photos.

        What happens if the weather is bad, will the walk be called off?

        We plan on walking in all weathers unless it is torrential rain however the weather this weekend is looking good.

          When is the walk in December announced?
          Is there somewhere I can sign up for news about future walks?
          Is there somewhere I can sign up for news about future walks?

            Once our weekend launch events in June are out of the way we shall be refreshing our Great Dog Walks Together website with details of future walks. It’s on this site where you can also sign up for news about future walks

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