Why do I need to get my Dog Microchipped?

August 28, 2018

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Thinking about getting a puppy or welcoming an adopted dog into your lives? 
Did you know that the UK law on Pet Identification and Microchipping has changed?

If you're looking at adopting a puppy or dog, you need to do your research first just to make sure that you have checked all the legal requirements and you are ready to begin your life with a happy and energetic furry bundle of love. 

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Does my Dog Need to be Microchipped? 

Yes. It is a legal requirement within the UK for your dog to be chipped from 8 weeks old. This may differ for Scottish and Welsh laws however. If they are not microchipped from 8 weeks old then you can be fined up to £500!

Although they are microchipped this does not mean that they shouldn't wear an ID Tag when out in public areas. Check out our Hoobynoo blog about Identification here

What are the legal requirements for dog tags in the uk


Who Can Microchip your Dog Safely?

It is very important to get a professional to microchip your puppy. This could be a Vet or a charity organisation such as Blue Cross or Battersea. A charity is more likely to do this for free or request a donation, whereas your local council or vet may charge a fee.

Either way you MUST get your pup microchipped before they reach
8 weeks old!

How Does Microchipping your Pet Help?

When your dog is microchipped they are given a number and a certificate. When your dog is canned the number will come up, this number is linked to your address on a database and registers the dog as your own so if in the worrying moment that your dog is lost or stolen, they can be returned to you after being scanned. 

You need to make sure that you update your dog's chip with the relevant and up to date contact details and address if you move house or changed phone numbers. 

Once your dog is chipped you must register them on a government standard met database. A list of approved ones can be found here.  If you aren't sure which database your dog's microchip is connected to you can check on a UK based Chip Search by typing in their number - which you can ask your vet, rescue centre or dog warden to scan and tell you the number.

If your dog is not registered on one of the 10 databases listed you can be fined up to £500. 

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If you are buying or adopting a dog older than 8 weeks:

You should ask to see proof that a microchip has been fitted by viewing their vet records, a pet passport or a microchip certificate, there may also be evidence of a microchip being placed within the dog's insurance information. And remember to update their Microchip with the new information and address. 





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