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Cat Breeds

Our personalised cat tags and gifts are available in over 20 Cat breeds. We have listed the different cat breeds here along with their photos.

Cat breedsCat ID TagsHoobynoo Cat Illustrations

Sphynx Cat Colours

1. Black Cat   2. Tabby cat  3. Ginger Cat  4. White Cat  5. Black/White Cat  6. Siamese Cat  7. Blue/Grey Cat  8. Grey Striped Cat  9. Tortoiseshell Cat  10. Blue Point Cat  11. Ginger White Cat  12. Blue Mited Ragdoll  13. Blue Tortie Ragdoll  14. Black Fluffy Cat  15. Bengal Cat  16. Black/White Fluffy Cat  17. Persian Cat  18. Brown Tabby Cat  19. Sphynx Cat  20. Grey White Striped Cat  21. Calico Cat  22. Maine Coon Cat