Australian Kelpie Personalised Dog ID Tag

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The perfect Personalised dog tag for your Australian Kelpie. Completed with a unique Hoobynoo illustration.

Lightweight, durable and waterproof! These tags offer comfort and safety for all types of dogs, from the most active that like to swim to the very laid back.

The front of the tag features our Kelpie illustration in a variety of colours. (If you can't see the colour of your dog, give us a message, as we may be able to add this as an option.) And the wording of your choice ie. Chipped, If found.  It is not advised to have the dog's name on the tag.

We have no character restriction on the back, however we recommend to keep the text clear a surname, 1st line of address, Postcode and a contact number.

There are three sizes, small 25mm, Medium 32mm and large 38mm.

For the Australian Kelpie we recommend the medium size.

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