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Greyhound/ Whippet Personalised Dog Tag

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Our Dog ID tag is perfect for Greyhounds and Whippets with our unique illustration on the front and your contact details on the reverse.

The front of the dog tag features one of our original whippet/greyhound illustrations, you can choose to add your pets's name or if you prefer not too just specify 'leave blank.'

On the back, we do not impose a character restriction, you can have your phone number, address or any other personalisation you prefer. We adjust the size of the text to fit, but would suggest a phone number, first line of the address and postcode is the best fit.

Our pet tags arrive in a brown presentation envelope with a standard sized ring to attach the tag to the D ring on your dogs collar.

We use an industry standard process and high quality inks to transfer our designs onto specially coated 1.1mm thick aluminium. This lightweight tag is comfortable for your whippet to wear as well as being waterproof, and durable.

The Small tag is 2.5cm, Medium 3.2cm, and the larger tag is 3.8cm. They measure 1.1mm thick

We recommend the medium size for Whippets and the large size for Greyhounds.

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