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Personalised My Dog Book - A Puppy Journal

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A beautiful way to record your dogs life, Like a baby's record book you can record all of your dogs milestones either from the puppy stages or when you first adopted them. There is a space for photos and for your to record fond memories.

Each spread has a prompt on one side such as 'First Walk' with a blank page on the other side for you to add photo's. As you fill the book you will be creating a permanent record of your dogs life, something for your to treasure as they get older.  The book is filled with lovely illustrations of a variety of different breeds so it's suitable for everyone.

The book measures approx 21 x 21 cms.

This would make a wonderful gift for a friend. The book can also be personalised on the front with your dogs name.

Prompts are as follows:
Dogs details, First met my dog, Memories from the first night, First visit to the Vet, Injection record, First walk, First time they barked, When they learnt their name, First car ride, First Bathtime, Favourite Toys, Dog Training, First time off the lead, First time they fetched, Toilet Training, First trip to the Groomers, Neutered/Spayed, When they lost their puppy Teeth, First Swim, Memories from Summer, First Birthday/Adoption Anniversary, Naughty stories, My dog is scared of, Pawfriends, Halloween Memories, First Christmas, First time my dog saw Snow, My Dogs best tricks, Our favourite walk, Holiday fun, Dog shows, Funny stories, Best Photobomb stories, Favourite foods, Favourite place to sleep, Reasons they're the best dog ever, more memories..

This high quality memory book is made from hard board with a foiled cover, the paper inside is a heavy weight 160gsm The book measures 20 x 20cms and is approx 80 pages.

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