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Petit Brabancon Dog ID Name Tag

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The Petit Brabancon is such an adorably sweet looking dog, they need a pet tag with real character to match!

Personalise the front of the dog tag with their name (or leave blank if you prefer) and include your contact details on the reverse, we advise, surname, House number, postcode or zipcode and a contact number (this is the legal requirement within the UK)

The Small ID tags measure approx 25mm in diameter, Medium is 32mm in diameter, Large is approx 38mm in diameter and they are only 1mm thick, making them extremely lightweight, perfect for this little dog.

We use a specialist technique to permanently print the design onto the aluminium tag, making it waterproof and durable, though we do not advise you let your dog chew the tag.

We recommend the small size of this breed.