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Can I feed my Pet Ice Cream?

July 01, 2018 0 Comments

Can I feed my Pet Ice Cream?

Admit it, when its super hot and your fur-baby looks at you with longing eyes, the temptation to let them have a bit of ice cream is very strong. 

Does this frozen treat do your pet more harm than good? 

It isn't recommended to feed your pet ice cream, not only is ice cream high in calories, sugars and fat for our pets but it also affects their digestive system due to the lactose in a way that wouldn't affect most humans. Think of your pet as being lactose intolerant or with a low grade food allergy - it's not best to consume but if you had a small amount it may just give you an upset stomach. Especially do not give your pet ice cream if they are diabetic, obese or suffer allergies. 

"Dairy products are a main contributor to food allergies in dogs"

If you've fed your pet ice cream in their life, don't worry you are not alone. Where plain Vanilla should be fine, Ice cream flavours you need to avoid are:
Chocolate, anything with Raisins, Sugar Free ice creams' (As these ay contain a chemical called xylitol) and any ice cream containing Nuts

What Ice Cream Alternatives are there for Pets? 

Although a very small amount is deemed okay for pets to eat, why risk the slightest stomach irritation when they can have their own pet friendly versions. Pet safe Ice Creams and Frozen treats are becoming a huge hit amongst our furry friends worldwide and will be the paw-fect treat for them to indulge in over the hot summer with no worry to their digestive system. A few examples of summer treats that are available within the UK are Frozzys, Pawsecco Pops, Doggy Ice Cream, Billy and Margot Ice Cream 




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