Top 15 Best Halloween Costumes for Pets

October 16, 2018

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It's that time of year again when we enjoy dressing up and having some fun before we settle in for Christmas. But do your pet's enjoy dressing up for Halloween too? 

We thought we would have some fun and come up with our favourite top 15 pet costumes that your furbaby could dress up as this year!
A fabulous store on Etsy who enjoy making custom accessories for piggies and other small creatures like hedgehogs. If you enjoy cooing over tiny paws and twitchy noses then take a look at their pawsitive reviews where happy customers have posted photos!
This Etsy store is sure to make you smile from all their fantastic crochet designs that aren't just for dogs but also babies and adults too! If you are partial to something woolly to keep your ears warm then you should definitely check them out! 
Any Stranger Things fans out there?
Well, how scary would it be to have your dog running about the house as a Demogorgon! This cute knitted hat is just one of the many themed  warm knitwear made by Etsy store 'DogsandHats' 
I had to admit it was very difficult to narrow down just one photo from Toffee Crafts to select for this countdown. They are all just so bunny-tastic! Can you imagine your bunny hopping about the house with a cape!

A must have for a Star Wars fan! Now I've seen many Star Wars themed costumes out there but I have never seen one of an Ewok! I think that it fits Pawfectly with a small fluffy dog like a Griffin or Shihzu
Looking to give someone a fright this year? Well, I tell you what, there is nothing scarier than seeing something 8 legged scuttling about the house the size of a small dog!
This Etsy store is amazing! You can see how much time and effort goes into making each costume just from their wide and beautiful range of designs! Not only do they have costumes for Ferrets but other small creatures like Piggies and Hedgehogs and also Dogs too! 

Ah, a classic! Who doesn't love a funny costume to watch as your pet parades around the house happy as anything? Did you know that Corgis were thought to be a dog that fairies rode into battle on? I'm sure if they saw how ridiculous the cowboy looks as your small dog runs to their food bowl the legend would be much different!
A cute jumpsuit for a small furbaby to wear be them a dog or a cat, they'll be the talk of the town dressed down to the bone in a skeleton onesie! Light in the Box has a range of dress up for pets from seasonal themes like Halloween and Christmas to everyday outer wear!


How Pawesome is this store! Again it was hard to choose a favourite for the Costume blog without featuring A LOT of their store. Apart from Cat Clothing they also sell accessories, toys and some things for humans too!


Baby Shark do-do-do-do-do-dooooo!
Need I say any more, if you've got a little one who loves that song then be prepared to hear it a lot more when your furbaby is wearing this shark costume!


For those that like a little quirkiness on their chilly walks have you seen these on Amazon? Super cute Halloween jumpers come in a range sizes and designs from XS to XXL. They also do Christmas designs too!
Now I have to admit when searching for Pet Costumes this one tickled me the most! So simple and so effective I must say. Why not tie it to your cat or dogs collar and then they become a real-life TY Beanie Baby - and what is scarier than that this Halloween!
How to make a pup look #picturepawfect this Halloween? Batwings are a must!
Mamma'sPets have a wide range of costumes for all occasions from Halloween to sports tees, your furbaby will be ready for any event. 

Now this Etsy store clearly has a passion for frenchie fashion to say the least! These handmade hoodies look so warm and inviting with themes from Pokemon to Disney to Marvel and Christmas! Your Frenchie can be warm and stylish all year round if you so wish!
But if dressing up isn't really your Pet's thing but they still love a bit of hocus pocus, why no treat them to a Hoobynoo Halloween Pet Tag instead!
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We hope you've enjoyed looking at our top 15 Halloween Costumes!  
Feel free to comment and share, if you have your own favourite costume pop it in the comments we'd love to see it!


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